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Refunds And Return Policy

1. Application for Returns/Refunds

Subject to the terms and conditions in this Refunds and Return Policy and the Terms of Service, Buyer may apply for return of the purchased items (“Item”) and/or refund prior to the expiry of MeiiShop Guarantee Period as stated in the Terms of Service.

MeiiShop Guarantee is a service provided by MeiiShop, on User’s request, to assist Users in dealing with certain conflicts which may arise during the course of a transaction. Users may communicate with each other privately to resolve their differences or approach their relevant local authorities to assist them in overcoming any dispute prior, during or after using MeiiShop Guarantee.


2. Application for the Return of an Item

Buyer may only apply for the refund and/or return of the Item in the following circumstances:

  • The Item has not been received by Buyer;
  • The Item was defective and/or damaged on delivery;
  • Seller has delivered an Item that does not match the agreed specification (e.g. wrong size, wrong colour, etc.) to Buyer;
  • The Item delivered to Buyer is materially different from the description provided by MeiiShop in the listing of the Item.
  • Return must be made within 7 calendar days. 

MeiiShop will review each Buyer’s application on a case-by-case basis and, in its sole discretion, determine whether Buyer’s application is successful.

Kidnly fill in the return form as below and inform Customer Service  or email your inquiry to with the subject "Return Item" before returning the item(s) other the request will not be processed.

3. Return Form

Please fill in the Refund Application Form in the following format :
Name :
Meiishop Account Username :
Address :
Contact Number (Mobile):
Order No :
Product Name :
Receive Date :
Return Date :
Reason (For feedback purpose) :
Price :
Postage/ Mailing Cost (Pease attach a copy of postag receipt/document) :
Bank Account Details (Full Name/ Bank Account Number/ Which Bank)

If you have any difficulties or problems, please do not hestitate to contact us at 03-77708366. Our administrator will contact you once your request is confirmed. 


4. Rights of Seller

When MeiiShop receives an application from Buyer for the return of the Item and/or refund, MeiiShop will notify Seller in writing. We will respond to Buyer’s application according to the steps provided by MeiiShop in the written notification. 

MeiiShop will determine whether Buyer’s application may be successful against the circumstances stated.


5. Condition of Returning Item

To enjoy a hassle-free experience when returning the Item, Buyer should ensure that the Item, including any complimentary items such as accessories that come with the Item, must be returned to MeiiShop in the condition received by Buyer on delivery. We will recommend Buyer to take a photo of the Item upon cash bill.

Item bought during promotional events are not accepted for return or exchange.


6. Liability of Return Shipping Fee

Return item(s) will be assigned to a courier of our choosing and provide the return parcel tracking number for all items to us.

i) Return postage fees for shipping item(s) have to bear by customer during the return process, in the scenario of an unforeseen error from the seller's end (i.e - faulty or wrong Item delivered to the buyer), MeiiShop will bear buyer's return shipping fee maximum of RM5.00.

In the unlikely event that your return does not meet requirement(s), our Customer Service will notify you before sending it back to you. In this instance, your return courier/postal fee will not be reimbursed.


7. Refunds

Buyer will only be refunded after MeiiShop has received the returned Item. In the event where MeiiShop received the returned Item within a specified time, MeiiShop will not be at liberty to refund the applicable sum to Buyer.

Meiishop will review and confirm the item(s) follow our policy. Once confirm, item(s) will be replace or refund within 1-14 working days.

Meiishop does not monitor the cancellation return and refund process for offline payment.