ABT - DannyOne Brands Tee


Danny is one of the Malaysia Chinese singers who’re multitalented in the musical industry. Danny has debuted 15 years ago and he was one of the boy groups, which called Emale. From the pass until now, Danny has released 11 albums and soundtracks with numbers of awards achievements throughout the journey.

Artist Brand Tee  – Empowerment 3Cs
‘Collaboration’ with Artists
‘Creating’ new Artists’ brands
‘Contributes’ back to Society

*Made of premium comfortable CVC cotton. 


ABT艺人爱心品牌潮服-Danny One温力铭歌舞战T

马来西亚中文流行乐坛创作歌手Danny温力铭,今年不但推出《DannyOne In The Neverland》新歌+精选集,同时也加入MeiiShop ABT艺人爱心品牌潮服计划。美术系毕业的他在ABT这个平台上展现其设计专长,精心打造属于自己的潮服品牌,回馈歌迷朋友的同时,也为慈善献一份力。




‘Creating’       :创造全新艺人品牌

‘Contributes’  :回馈社会





Male model is 185cm, wears M.男模身高185厘米,穿M码。
Female model is 165cm, wears S.女模身高165厘米,穿S码。


*Only available in Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Singapore. 


*Sizing might slightly vary from the measurement. 实际尺寸或略有所差。

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