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SHEENe CC Mineral Brightening Finishing Powder

RM 55.00

SHEENE  CC Mineral Brightening Finishing Powder

4 Shades transparent pastel colors in  SHEENE CC MINERAL BRIGHTENING FINISHING POWDER provides light and no caking feeling which creates natural glow and healthy skin giving perfect smooth finish. CC (Color Correct) helps to conceal redness and adjusls pale skin tone to be smooth and healthy skin.
- Green : Reducing redness
- Blue : Yellow-based skin tone neutralizer
- Pink : Healthy skin
- Pearly white : Skin brightening
Edelweiss organic extract from Edelweiss flower , grown at high altitude in the Swiss Alps, is a powerful plant based antioxidant which helps to balance and reduce radical creating gentle and charming beauty. 

* Only available in Malaysia