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SLIM Tag Season

RM 145.00

Slim Tag Season slimming

A drinks sachet which composed from six kind of natural ingredients that formulated from Korea advance technology. It's desires what women want nowadays to towards a healthy lifestyle.

Effectively for:-

- Weight loss,improve digestive health

- Bust up and firm up

- Detoxication

- Beauty, make radiant and smoother skin

- Health Care,boost immune system

- Rejuvenate hair follicles

Daily take 1 sachet after meal. 

Ingredients: Mulberry Juice, Red Date Juice, Xylitol,Olives Extract, Yeast Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Pueraria Mirifica Extract, Sucralose, Xanthan Gum. 


Serving Size 20g  Serving Per Package:15 sachets 

Nutritional Facts

 Per Serving (20g)Per (100g)
Energy16.2 kcal81 kcal
Protein0.1g0.5 g
Fat0g0 g

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